»african dance in iceland«

Afrotanz Afrotanz

»micki mín«
1998, germany


i did not expect it - when i arrived in reykjavik -

that i had to have - to meet in iceland - something -

like my afro-people and their djembe-beat.

i - first - was i kind of - very afraid - to jump - into it.

- and to give the energy - space - and to get -

a space of energy.

dancing - i think - is about ,

a huge nice space-energy.

and mayby , love , when you want to.

but - you know, now.

it is very good - when you are bleeding.

stills from the documentary »african dance in iceland«
ap. 81 min. reykjavik 2001

Afrotanz Afrotanz

stills from the afro-performance »in the tjarnabio«
reykjavik christmas 2000

summercamp 2003
laugarvatn, iceland

i am greatful. to him.

my loveliest thank and greeting to orville!

- my dance and cosmic teacher.